Friday, November 23, 2007

Evidence shows the Earth's not flat! Evidence shows harm reduction works!

Rally on the Hill to Support InSite, Vancouver's safe injection site

Insite for Community Safety (
Monday, November 26, 2007
12:00am - 4:00pm
Parliament Hill, eternal flame fountain
Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON

Rally and information distribution, physical presence on the Hill to show MPs that Canadians support InSite and harm reduction initiatives.


A large sculpture of a flat earth on the main walk of Parliament Hill.

*Let MPs know that evidence shows the Earth's not flat.

**25 peer reviewed journal articles and 2million dollars invested in research show that InSite's harm reduction initiatives work.

Your job: Hand out 2 million dollar bills with Stephen Harper's face on 'em (the amount of research dollars that have been invested in InSite to date) & invite others. That's it.

When: Monday November 26, 2007 8.00 am onwards
**trying to have a mass of people before question period beginning at 2.15 pm**

Nathan Allen, resident of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and the Campaign Coordinator of 'InSite for Community Safety' ( is in Ottawa this week to raise awareness for Insite, Vancouver's safe injection site. InSite for Community Safety is a broad-based community coalition of individuals and groups from across the political spectrum, working to ensure InSite continues to save lives.

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