Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A breather

So a brief digression to kick start some creativity instead of continuing to merely regurgitate the news... Here's a walk through my neighbourhood between 4 and 5.30 pm.

Torn over at Sticky Crows has started in on 12 of 12, a photo project by Chad Darnell. The theme this month is "believe". In order to loosely link the whole thing to this blog, here's something I believe in (well, accept the scientific evidence for, but who's gonna quibble semantics):
harm reduction saves lives.
Lives like that of the person pictured here on this banner. Daily. So do lots of other people.

Pictured here: MPs Bill Siksay (Burnaby Douglas) and Libby Davies (Vancouver East) with Nathan Allen of Insite for Community Safety at a rally on Parliament Hill around Nov 12 (in keeping with the theme... this is my bonus pic anyways. Also a comparitor for the amount of snow a month later).

Right, on to the 12 of 12:

Well, it is December, and it always amazes me (in fact, I find it hard to believe) how great the Christmas cactus looks this time of year.

Well, a theme of "believe" lends itself to naturally to considering faith. We have 5 churches in a 3 block radius of our apartment. That's a whole lotta bells.

This is the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights (a.k.a. the human rights monument) by Melvin Charney (1989). Many rallies, protests, protest marches (i.e. public statements of belief) start here at the end of our block. That's city hall in the background (which, if you can believe, also has a belltower that chimes ALOT).

Right, here's something that a prairie girl like me has a hard time believing: look at all that snow! And it's only December!

The main branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Some believe it should be rebuilt, and I'd agree. There's not enough room, plain and simple. However, I hope they keep the cool fanning pages icon.

The famous five who got Canadian law to recognise women as persons. This led to sufferage.

I find it hard to believe however, that Henrietta Muir Edwards drank foamy lattes...

What may be the nicest library around.

It's got a pretty nice view too. That's Ile Victoria Island in the middle of the river.

Holiday lights at the Hill

Looking down Sparks Street through Confederation Square.

My favourite statue in Ottawa outside of the British Embassy. I believe in whimsy. Nature Girls, Laura Ford (1996). Check out these pics to see the best part: their cute lil shoes.

I'm cheating on my first time out... My personal bonus: a message from Leah. I can't believe I'm so lucky...


tornwordo said...

Great shots. It is rather unusual to have so much snow so early isn't it?

Dogeared said...

I really like the photos of the Canadian tribute, the famous five, the Ile Victoria, and the lights towards the end! (erm photos 10 and 11? [/bad memory]).

Helen, 12 of 12er (Dogeared)

Alanna said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I like your SNOWY pics of Ottawa. It's cold right now in Tucson, but sunny and expected to get into the 60s! Yay!

Susan said...

those are absolutely gorgeous photos!! I love all the buildings and statues and snow!!

Lipp said...

Great pics! Henrietta and her latte is my favorite.

Glenna C said...

I've loved the times when I've visited Ottawa around the holidays and winter, these were lovely shots. Nice 12 of 12.

Pete said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, thanks so much for sharing. I know a few people who have moved from the UK to Canada and am tempted myself, and it looks fantastic, albeit cold!

Scooter said...

What AMAZING photos...and that's a lot of snow!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Torn: yeah--and it seems unremitting, we've had 20 cm today apparently thanks to the snow

dogeared: Thanks--I like the famous five ones too. The same statue is also in Calgary (my hometown) and Edmonton. The ladies are about 8 feet tall so sitting on that chair makes a person feel about 3 years old with feet a swingin'

Alanna: mmmm Tuscon sounds warm--we're at -13 but the wind chill makes it -25 (celcius but at that stage the scales meet so farenheit too--gross)

Susan: we love living in tourist central. we usually love snow too but right now it's blowing horizontally past the windows

Lipp: I was about to brush the snow off then realized it looked like foam

glenna: Thanks!It's our 4th winter in Ottawa and our first "real" one where the weather has done its usual stuff

Pete: Vancouver has weather to make you feel right at home... ah Vancouver *sigh*

Scooter: thanks! The big heap is the ploughed stuff, but it is knee-high out there today

Poun said...

Gorgeous pics, I love the ones with the lights at night !!

I waaaaaaaaaaaannnnt snoowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!