Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clement lectures MDs (erroneously)

I haven't got time to blog on this properly yet, but luckily the excellent blog stylings of L-Girl at We Move to Canada has done a great job.

The errors seen on the first read (and responded to emotionally here. Rational response to follow):

  • Clement uses that ol' palliative care analogy again. Yo, Minister: Palliative care IS given to people who aren't dying. Sad to have a minister with poor knowledge of basic definitions.

  • The campaign by the Conservatives in Vancouver to make drug users the "evil other" includes a slogan that says "Junkies and pushers don't belong near children and families. They should be in rehab or behind bars." Nice. This is how your government feels about a fair portion of it's constituents, your fellow citizens. No thought that there's a reasonable chance the folks their vilifying HAVE children &/or ARE in families. No, they're evil and you should be afraid.

  • By this point I was seeing RED.... rational response after I go run off some of the venom.

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